We take care of you

The team


Murat Erdemsel, teacher

I continue researching new ways to teach musicality, improvisation, self-awareness and partnership aspects of the dance. Ever lasting goal here is to make you dance not only better but more content in milongas. Joy and happiness may not be the strongest cards in the game of tango, but dancing with ease, feeling and sharing the pleasure of a good embrace, flowing in movement are always welcome in every chance. 

I look forward to bringing these aspects to Broek  in Waterland.

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Pieter van Gendt, organizer

Last year Murat and I had a bike ride to Broek in Waterland. 

We were so excited about the village and Het Broeker Huis, that we decided to organize this event. 

I like to bring people together and inspire them to express themselves. 

During the event, I take care that everything runs smoothly. 

Contact me at +31-621928974 or pietervangendt@gmail.com


Arielle van Eijsden, personal support

I love the way Murat is exploring the tango in all his different ways, his dancing, speaking, inventing, painting, photographing. I love his musicality, his neverending enthousiasm and energy.

I love Broek in Waterland, it's a gorgeous place.

I love to dance, it's part of my life.

That's why I love to help making this event into a success.

I will be there for you.


Jeppe van Rijssel, host Het Broeker Huis

Jorrit and I were raised as brothers in Broek in Waterland.

I studied Chemistry, but working in Het Broeker Huis was tempting. First as a student, later as a professional.

For me it is fulfilling to see people happy at this location.

I will take care that you feel comfortable here.

Jorrit Bron, chef Het Broeker Huis

I studied Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam. Like Jeppe I also fell for Het Broeker Huis and eventually we became the proud owners.

Now we can continue our passion in our beloved village.

I like quality in a charming but casual setting.

I will make sure you'll enjoy some fine food.